Since 2010, we’ve been taking care of ferrets while their owners go on vacation. With personalized care, large guest suites, playtime and quality food, your ferrets will be on vacation too!

A Note About Ferrets With Insulinoma & Lymphoma

We will accommodate ferrets who have insulinoma & lymphoma on a case-by-case basis. Being outside of their own environment causes sick ferrets incredible stress, and in our experience stays longer than 4 days almost always will require that we take your ferret for an urgent visit to the vet for stabilization and may even require an emergency room stay.

If your ferret has either of these illnesses, we may still be able to care for them, but we’ll need a medical waiver from your vet saying your ferret is well enough to visit with us (stable blood glucose for insulinoma, with most recent test within 72 hours of your drop off time) and financial guarantee for the cost of care up to $1,500 on a credit card and a separate liability waiver.

We reserve the right to decide not to take care of your ferrets up to the time of drop off if we feel in our experience that he or she is too ill for us to handle. We also reserve the right to take your ferret for boarding at Homestead Animal Hospital at your expense if your ferret becomes too ill for us to handle during his or her stay.

If you’re traveling outside of the United States or to a place where you are not immediately reachable by text, phone or email 24/7, we aren’t able to care for your ferrets.

We love all ferrets, but we’re not a vet. We want to make sure everyone is happy and as stress free as possible (including us). Thanks for understanding.


  • Two 64-square-foot private Guest Suites with open cages, hammocks, beds, tubes and toys
  • Double-decker Ferret Nation cage with hammocks + bedding for singles + pairs
  • Lock-crocks for kibble and filtered water
  • Puppy pads + daily cleaning


  • Daily cuddles and kisses
  • At least 1-3 hours of “out time” each day (more for Ferret Nation rooms)
  • Water fountain with filtered water
  • Rice dig box, toy box, several tubes and fun+games
  • High-quality, chicken-free kibble … or bring your own kibble


  • 1 Ferret $15/night
  • 2 Ferrets $20/night
  • 3+ Ferrets $25/night
  • Medication $10/stay


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